• Does your health suffer due to chronic illness?
  • Would you like to be healthy again while reducing or eliminating medications?
  • Do you wish you could reduce your stress and sleep better?
  • Have injuries prevented you from doing what you love to do?
  • Are headaches or pain keeping you from living life to the fullest?

Ancient medicine CAN heal a modern world!

If you are here, it is likely that you have some health concerns that you have been unable to address with other means. Maybe you have a sports or other injury that has not completely healed. Maybe you suffer from unexplained headaches or other pains. You find it difficult to manage stress and this is affecting your quality of life. Or you face internal health issues and are nervous about medications that treat symptoms but may not be able to address the root cause of your problem. Perhaps you are just looking for a gentler, more holistic way to feel your best and get to the root causes of dis-ease. We are here to help.

Chinese Medicine has documented benefits in pain management and can strengthen your immune system and boost your energy reserves, making it easier for your body to heal. At Camden County Acupuncture we offer effective approaches to many health issues that are not responding to other forms of treatment or for patients who wish to be proactive in their care.

Good health does not come without effort, yet with the proper knowledge, tools and encouragement, it can be less of an effort to achieve this. Health is the most important aspect of your life and all your other efforts and dreams in life center around health. That is why I make helping you achieve health and happiness my mission. By using time-tested methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine and using nutritional analysis and principles, we get to the root of your problems and focus on assisting your own body to get back on the road to health.

Why Functional Health and Acupuncture Institute?

  • FHAI acupuncturist and Functional Medicine practitioner Glenn Gruby has been helping people like you since 2003
  • Glenn has a strong background in science and medicine giving him an ability to understand disease and healing from both modern medical and traditional healing perspectives.
  • We use modern science-based diagnostic methods, nutrition and Eastern traditional methods determine and correct the root causes of disease and discomfort.
  • We educate you on how you can take control of your health naturally.
  • We have utilized sports acupuncture on many college and professional athletes helping them maximize performance and recover more quickly from injury.